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The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

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Confucianism definitions


  • the system of ethics, education, and statesmanship taught by Confucius and his disciples, stressing love for humanity, ancestor worship, reverence for parents, and harmony in thought and conduct.
Source: The Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary Copyright 1997 by Random House Inc.


  • the ethical teachings of Confucius, which emphasize reverence for ancestors, devotion to family and friends, cultivation and discipline of the mind, and social responsibility.
Source: The Wordsmyth English Dictionary


  • the teachings of Confucius emphasizing love for humanity; high value given to learning and to devotion to family (including ancestors); peace; justice; influenced the traditional culture of China
Source: WordNet Vocabulary Helper (NotreDame)

Machiavelli and confucianism

Confucianism emphasizes the virtues of honesty, justice, integrity, peace, humanity, etc.

According to Machiavelli, if a prince always act only according to these virtues he will not last long. Machiavelli suggests that a prince at times know how to be dishonest, when to use war for your advantage, when to use tumults - even start it. Machiavelli also suggests that a prince must know how to act like a fox,

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