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The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

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Outline of The Prince by Machiavelli

Please note: This is an outline of what The Prince is about. It is not a summary of its contents ... here is a summary of The Prince

Chapter by Chapter Outline of The Prince

Chapter 1 - Types of territories

A very short chapter that names the types of territories ruled by a prince and how he aquires them.

Chapter 2 - Hereditary states

Describes the ease and difficulties of holding hereditary states

Chapter 3 - Mixed principalities

Describes how new mixed principalities (principalities that are members of a state) are to be taken and held.

Chapter 4 - Governing principalities

Contrasts the benefits and drawbacks of governing principalities using either servants or barons.

Chapter 5 - Free principalities

Suggests three ways to govern cities and principalities that were used to live under their own laws.

Chapter 6 - New principalities

Describe how to aquire new principalities using armies or your own abilities.

Chapter 7 - Armies of others

Explains the dangers of using the armies of others or good fortune to get and keep principalities.

Chapter 8 - Be wicked!

Describes how other princes aquired principalities primarily through being wicked. Suggest how a prince that is not wicked should use wickedness if he has to.

Chapter 9 - Civil principalities

Describes how civil principalities get created by the people or by nobles. Suggest how a prince of such a principality should act toward the people and the nobles.

Chapter 10 - Fortified towns

Describes when to fortify towns and when fortification is useless.

Chapter 11 - Principalities of the church

Explains why principalities of the church are held so easily.

Chapter 12 - Types of armies

Describes three types of armies: mercenaries (hired soldiers), auxiliaries, and mixed armies. Describes the uselessness of mercenary armies and mercenary captains.

Chapter 13 - Auxiliary armies

Describes the dangers of auxiliary armies. Describe the strength of having your own army, consisting only of people from your principality.

Chapter 14 - The art of war

Stresses the critical importance for a prince to know the art of war. Describes what to study and why to study it. Stresses the importance of always being busy studying the art of war.

Chapter 15 - Qualities of a prince

Lists all the qualities a prince must appear to have. Also lists the qualities a prince should stay away from.

Chapter 16 - Mean vs liberal

Explains why a prince should prefer being considered mean and not liberal.

Chapter 17 - Love, hate and fear

Explains the dangers if a prince is being hated. Also explains why being feared is better than being loved.

Chapter 18 - Being like a lion and fox

Describe how a prince should be like a lion and like a fox. Lists the advantages and disadvantages of being like a lion and a fox. Lists five important qualities a prince must work hard at.

Chapter 19 - Why people hate

Describes what causes people to hate their prince. Explain why a prince should never be hated. Discuss why conspiracies seldom succeed. Describe why France is such a well governed kingdom.

Chapter 20 - Fortresses

Describes the benefits, dangers and sometimes uselessness of fortresses.

Chapter 21 - Dignity rules

Describes how a prince should conduct himself with dignity to get and keep renown.

Chapter 22 - Intellectual secretaries

Describe why a prince must select only the best intellectuals as his secretaries.

Chapter 23 - Flatterers

Explain why flatterers should be avoided.

Chapter 24 - Italy

Explain why the princes of Italy have lost their states. Suggest ways how these shortcomings can be addressed.

Chapter 25 - Fortune

Describe the role of fortune (fate) in human affairs. Suggest how to prepare against bad fortune. Explain why it is dangerous to rely on fortune to be a successful prince. Explain why it is difficult to change your ways if your fortune changes.

Chapter 26 - Lorenzo, please save Italy !

Makes an urgent plea for Lorenzo de� Medici to become prince to save Italy from constant foreign invaders.

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